Bali Uluwatu Indonesia

The first days in Indonesia we stayed at Toraja Bambu in the south west of Bali. 6 beautifully decorated bungalows and a 25 meter long lovely salt water pool. We were here in December/January during the rain season. It was raining about once a day and then the sun was shining. Hot a humid. The first days without luggage, but we got some bikinis and played in the pool in the sound of roosters and geckos at night.

wagtailgirlsannakernI06A8649wagtailgirlsannakernI06A8087wagtailgirlsannakernI06A9413wagtailgirlsannakern_bambu2wagtailgirlsannakernI06A9422.jpgwagtailgirlsannakern_bambu1wagtailgirlsannakernI06A8775Smoothie bowl. The best with dragonfruit!! So good.wagtailgirlsannakern_bambu3wagtailgirlsannakern_bambu4wagtailgirlsannakernI06A8235A 20 minute walk through the woods to the closest beach, Padang Padang. wagtailgirlsannakernI06A8249wagtailgirlsannakernI06A8254wagtailgirlsannakernI06A8283Padang Padang beach. Small and busy. You pay an entry fee and walk steep down and through a narrow passage between rocks partly in darkness. Pretty dramatic! There are some smaller lunch places and some shops down by the beach.wagtailgirlsannakernI06A8291wagtailgirlsannakernI06A8467A ceremony on the beach. Beautiful rhythmic tunes, colorful clothing, and sacrifice in the baskets. wagtailgirlsannakernI06A8493wagtailgirlsannakernI06A8511wagtailgirlsannakernI06A8521wagtailgirlsannakernI06A8544wagtailgirlsannakernI06A8891Bingin Beach. Lovely atmosphere with some charming restaurants and shops. Some houses around were feeling a bit abandon. Surfers. The water sometimes a bit too rough for swimming. The tide came in close to the houses so sometimes no place to relax. But we really enjoyed the laid-back feeling and the good lunch. wagtailgirlsannakernI06A8946wagtailgirlsannakern_binginbeach2wagtailgirlsannakernI06A8915wagtailgirlsannakernI06A9138wagtailgirlsannakern_binginbeach1wagtailgirlsannakernI06A9006wagtailgirlsannakernI06A9009wagtailgirlsannakernI06A9022Kelly´s Kitchen. Charming restaurant where we had lunch. wagtailgirlsannakernI06A9018wagtailgirlsannakernI06A9076wagtailgirlsannakernI06A9114wagtailgirlsannakernI06A9197wagtailgirlsannakernI06A9225wagtailgirlsannakern_balanganbeach1Balangan Beach. I long beautiful beach. Surfers and sunbathers. This is the beach we liked the most out of the three different beaches we visited on Bali. The girls were going to take surf lessons, but too rough water for beginners that day. wagtailgirlsannakernI06A9482wagtailgirlsannakernI06A9528wagtailgirlsannakernI06A9582wagtailgirlsannakernI06A9603wagtailgirlsannakernI06A9613Lovely beaches on Bali, BUT so much garbage, all the plastic floating around in the ocean ending up on the beaches or in birds and fish stomach. It is so sad to see. I saw a documentary on the flight from Hong Kong to Bali, A Plastic Ocean. Very informative that I can recommend.wagtailgirlsannakern_balanganbeach4wagtailgirlsannakernI06A9661Santai Warung, a restaurant at the beach. Had lunch here while some heavy rain came down. wagtailgirlsannakernI06A9682wagtailgirlsannakernI06A9683wagtailgirlsannakern_balanganbeach3wagtailgirlsannakernI06A9713Henna tattoos for the girls.  wagtailgirlsannakernI06A9721wagtailgirlsannakern_balanganbeach2wagtailgirlsannakernI06A9766Another sad thing to see are all the stray dogs on the beaches and other places. We would like to take care of them all…wagtailgirlsannakernI06A9724wagtailgirlsannakernI06A9722This little one had open cuts and scratches all over. Someone said it was caused by the saltwater. I don’t know.wagtailgirlsannakernI06A9776This one could not open his eyes. He enjoyed our company. Difficult leaving him and the lovely beaches. Now heading for Ubud!

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