About us

This is our travel journal. Most of the time we travel together, me Anna, and my two daughters, Elsa and Betty. My husband, their father, died of cancer in 2014. All I wanted to do was to pack our bags and leave, to move, when he died. Do something different. We couldn’t stand the situation. The pain, the emptiness, the sorrow.  But it wasn’t an option because the girls needed to go to school and they needed our security at home. Our priority after school and work became and is to travel. To see something different. To explore. I have been working as an interior and lifestyle photographer since 2001 and I love to take pictures. First I made real print photo albums of our travels, but I could not finish one before our next travel. The solution was to make it digital.

anna@annakern.com  www.annakern.com


We envite you to follow our journeys!

Anna, Elsa and Betty

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