Virginia USA

Visiting family in Virginia. Hot and humid on the country side in the summer. Lots of playing with cousins. Many dogs and some cats. Next door to a horse farm. Lovely nature. A family full of love!!wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A2851wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A2722wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A2909wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A2912wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A2828wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A3337wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A2975wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A3883wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A2993wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A3010wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A3258wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A3177Virginia Beach. We love beach and sun. Beautiful sand. Crowded and the US Air force above us. Many military bases around here.wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A3193wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A3431wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A3073wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A3477wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A3496wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A3669wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A3705wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A3849wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A3919wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A4001wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A2948wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A3948We are always having a great time in Virginia. So much love and play. Can´t wait for next time! We miss you already.

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