Faroe Islands

Four days on the Faroe Islands with my sister. The most dramatic place I have ever visited. The Faroe island consists of 18 volcanic islands in the North Atlantic, between Island and Norway. The weather is changing very fast. Fog, rain and sunshine. Green islands with many sheep grazing. The largest islands are accessible by car. To the smaller and more remote islands you need to take a ferry or book a helicopter which is affordable.wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A7516wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A6018The town of Sørvagur.wagtailgirlsannakern_jeepwagtailgirlsannakern_I06A6111Charming village of Bøur.wagtailgirlsannakern_boerwagtailgirlsannakern_I06A6050wagtailgirlsannakern_housewagtailgirlsannakern_I06A6187The village of Gasadalur. It is actually a mountain behind the village. We did not see it because of the thick fog. wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A6220wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A6275Saksun on Streymoy. wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A6286wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A6245wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A7152We stayed at Hotel Vagar close to the airport on Vagar. Good location for our tour to Mykines and for exploring Vagar and Streymoy.wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A6386Boat trip to dramatic and beautiful Mykines. A windy and foggy ride. Mykines is known for a rich birdlife. We saw many adorable Puffins and Gannets among other seabirds. Due to difficult weather situations the island is unreachable some days.wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A6351wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A6410wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A6413wagtailgirlsannakern_mykineswagtailgirlsannakern_I06A6483wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A6652wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A6615wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A6996wagtailgirlsannakern_birdswagtailgirlsannakern_I06A6849wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A6875wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A6981wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A7048Harald, our wonderful guide! He had many storys to tell about the island. wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A6701By the end of the day it started to clear so we could actually see some of the breathtaking views. wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A7078beskwagtailgirlsannakern_flagwagtailgirlsannakern_I06A7103wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A7089wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A7092wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A7111wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A7140wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A7451A foggy hike to Midvagur Bøsdalafossur. We were lucky that the fog cleared for a little while so we could enjoy the view. wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A7230wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A7453wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A7478wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A7485The roads of Faroe Islands. Here driving on Eysturoy.wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A7515wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A7539wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A7556wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A7720wagtailgirlsannakern_barbaraWe stayed only one night in the capital, Torshavn. We had the best dinner of our trip at the fish restaurant, Barbara. Delicious and so charming!! There are a lot of great restaurants in Torshavn. Too bad we didn’t have enough time to visit a couple more. Next time..?!wagtailgirlsannakern_I06A8083Lots of nature to explore on the Faroe Islands. We loved it!

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