Crete Greece

wagtailgirls_annakern_crete03One week on the Greek island, Crete! We stayed at the newly opened Casa Cook in Chania, now known by Domes Zeen Chania. Pure luxury! Beautifully designed. Comfortable, fantastic breakfast buffet and lunch salads. Close to a quiet beach with clean and clear water. wagtailgirls_annakern_crete_51A0737wagtailgirls_annakern_crete07wagtailgirls_annakern_crete_51A0578wagtailgirls_annakern_crete14wagtailgirls_annakern_crete_51A2817wagtailgirls_annakern_crete_51A2782wagtailgirls_annakern_crete06wagtailgirls_annakern_crete01wagtailgirls_annakern_crete_51A0543wagtailgirls_annakern_crete_51A0715wagtailgirls_annakern_crete15wagtailgirls_annakern_crete_51A0267wagtailgirls_annakern_crete02wagtailgirls_annakern_crete20wagtailgirls_annakern_crete04wagtailgirls_annakern_crete_51A9915wagtailgirls_annakern_crete05We stayed in the basic double room with a large terrace. Many rooms got private or shared pools, but our room was close to the big pool by the restaurant so we didn’t miss a private one.wagtailgirls_annakern_crete08wagtailgirls_annakern_crete_51A2292wagtailgirls_annakern_crete21wagtailgirls_annakern_crete_51A1358A road trip to the Crete mountains. Beautiful landscape, small curvy roads and goats!wagtailgirls_annakern_crete_51A1432wagtailgirls_annakern_crete_51A1134wagtailgirls_annakern_crete_51A1120wagtailgirls_annakern_crete_51A1113wagtailgirls_annakern_crete12Fresh oranges andwagtailgirls_annakern_crete11wagtailgirls_annakern_crete_51A1664olive farms. About 30 million olive trees on Crete. wagtailgirls_annakern_crete_51A2045Agia Triada, a Greek Orthodox monastery with a shop. The monks are making quality organic olive oil and wine that they sell in the shop. Beautiful and inspirational architecture.wagtailgirls_annakern_crete13wagtailgirls_annakern_crete_51A2120A very steep hike to Seitan Limania Beach. Beautiful rugged surroundings and clear blue water. A young crowd and 2 goats begging for food.wagtailgirls_annakern_crete19wagtailgirls_annakern_crete_51A1479wagtailgirls_annakern_crete_51A1451Strong waves at Falassarna Beach. wagtailgirls_annakern_crete_51A1377wagtailgirls_annakern_crete_51A1170Elafonisi Beach. Beautiful white sanded/pink beach with crystal clear turquoise water. Very crowded in the summer time, but worth a visit anyway!wagtailgirls_annakern_crete22Chania. A charming town a couple of km from the hotel. We enjoyed the Venetian harbor, the shopping in the market and in the old town. Many charming restaurants.wagtailgirls_annakern_crete18Thalasso Ageri. A fantastic fish restaurant in the old industrial area of Chania. Loved the old industrial neighborhood and watching the beautiful sunset while eating fabulous food!wagtailgirls_annakern_crete_51A3082wagtailgirls_annakern_crete10Left Casa Cook Chania and Crete rested and full of inspiration. Delicious ecological olive oil and herbs in our luggage. We got a taste for the Mediterranean and want to come back soon. Elsa also got a taste for oilves and we are trying to make as great sallads that we were served at Casa Cook back home!


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