Gotland Fårö Sweden

wagtailgirls_annakern_gotland_faro2A few days on the Swedish island in the Baltic Sea, Gotland, and the small island just next to Gotland, Fårö. Love the calm feeling in the harsh and beautiful landscape especially when visiting the islands off season. We were here in the beginning of June. Fårö translates to “the Sheep island”. wagtailgirls_annakern_gotland_51A2699wagtailgirls_annakern_gotland_51A2979wagtailgirls_annakern_gotland_faro4wagtailgirls_annakern_gotland_51A3021Helgumannen. An old fishing village. wagtailgirls_annakern_gotland_faro3wagtailgirls_annakern_gotland_51A3037Langhammars.wagtailgirls_annakern_gotland_farowagtailgirls_annakern_gotland_51A2569Beautiful beaches on Fårö. This is Sudersand. wagtailgirls_annakern_gotland_51A3148wagtailgirls_annakern_gotland_51A2580wagtailgirls_annakern_gotland_51A3128We stayed in this little cabin, Fårö Olles cabin, at Stora Gåsemora. Isolated and quiet. With an outhouse and shower on the nearby farm.wagtailgirls_annakern_gotland_51A3130wagtailgirls_annakern_gotland_51A3482wagtailgirls_annakern_gotland_51A3124The sunset behind the cabin and a beautiful long summer night.wagtailgirls_annakern_gotland_51A3266wagtailgirls_annakern_gotland_51A3347I choose to go back to Stora Gåsemora on Fårö. When Matt, my love and the girls father, turned 30 years old we rented an old mill on this farm for a quiet weekend. Unfortunately he never made it to his 40th birthday. The cancer was too agressiv. We miss you so. wagtailgirls_annakern_gotland_51A3469wagtailgirls_annakern_gotland_51A3613wagtailgirls_annakern_gotland_51A3591wagtailgirls_annakern_gotland_faro6wagtailgirls_annakern_gotland_51A3654Visby. A medieval town. The largest on Gotland with ferry connection to the Swedish mainland. It is surrounded by a stone wall from the 13th and 14th century. A Unesco World Heritage Site.wagtailgirls_annakern_gotland_51A3646wagtailgirls_annakern_gotland_visbyCreperiet, one of our favorite restaurants in Visby. Another one is Surfers.wagtailgirls_annakern_gotland_visby2wagtailgirls_annakern_gotland_51A3764wagtailgirls_annakern_gotland_51A3765Calm ferry trip back home to Stockholm. 3,5 hours. This was the girls first trip to Gotland and Fårö. They loved it and we definitely what to come back. Maybe next year?

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