wagtailgirlsannakern_icelandI06A5440We got the smallest 4 wheel drive on Iceland and drove around southern Iceland for 3 days. We stayed the first night in Reykjavik. There we had the best pizza at Hverfisgata 12. A comfortable bar on top of the Micheline star restaurant Dill. We were here in the middle of November. Dark mornings. As Scandinavians we are used to the darker winters, but not that it is still dark at 9.30 am… After a night in Reykjavik we started our journey. The landscape was stunning. We had to stop many many times on our way. wagtailgirlsannakern_icelandI06A5431wagtailgirlsannakern_icelandI06A5456wagtailgirlsannakern_icelandI06A5653Many horses along the road, Icelandic horses.  wagtailgirlsannakern_icelandI06A5606wagtailgirlsannakern_icelandI06A5665wagtailgirlsannakern_icelandI06A5920wagtailgirlsannakern_iceland5wagtailgirlsannakern_iceland2The Geysir area. Strokkur. Every 5 minutes or so 20 meters of hot water splashing up in the air. Just next to Strokkur there is a restaurant and a couple of shops. Loved the Geysir shop with the Icelantic design clothing and blankets. wagtailgirlsannakern_icelandI06A5758wagtailgirlsannakern_icelandI06A6044Seljalandsfoss. A magnificant waterfall that you could walk behind. wagtailgirlsannakern_icelandI06A6193vI06A6115wagtailgirlsannakern_iceland1Seljavallalaug. One of the oldest pools on Iceland with natural heated spring water. It was build in 1923. A bit of a hike from the main rood. No signs so we found it a bit tricky to find, but we did. 🙂wagtailgirlsannakern_icelandI06A6652wagtailgirlsannakern_iceland4We stayed in Black Beach Suites in Reynisfjara. Comfortable cabins with fantastic view. No restaurants nearby so we drove to Vik for dinner and breakfast supplies. Driving here the first night was actually really scary. It got dark and it was so incredible windy. We could hardly open the car doors. We checked in and then speeding to the grocery store in Vik to get dinner and breakfast before closing. When we got there I realized that I forgotten my wallet in the cabin. Speeding back, got the wallet and then speeding back to the store again just minutes before closing….wagtailgirlsannakern_icelandI06A6858wagtailgirlsannakern_icelandI06A6942Black Beach. Magical with dangerous waves.wagtailgirlsannakern_icelandI06A6975wagtailgirlsannakern_icelandI06A6485wagtailgirlsannakern_iceland_I06A6211wagtailgirlsannakern_icelandI06A6992wagtailgirlsannakern_iceland_I06A6214wagtailgirlsannakern_icelandI06A6466Glaciar ice cave tour. Myrdalsjökull. Katla volcano. About one hour drive from Vik. Moonlike landscape driving there. The glaciers are melting and they are melting fast.wagtailgirlsannakern_icelandI06A6228

wagtailgirlsannakern_iceland6wagtailgirlsannakern_icelandI06A6394wagtailgirlsannakern_iceland7wagtailgirlsannakern_icelandI06A6315wagtailgirlsannakern_icelandI06A6827wagtailgirlsannakern_icelandI06A6654wagtailgirlsannakern_icelandI06A7020Westmannaeyjar islands behind the fog. wagtailgirlsannakern_icelandI06A7128wagtailgirlsannakern_icelandI06A7305We ended our Iceland trip at the Blue Lagoon. Facial mask and hot steamy bath. We could easily spend another week on Iceland. Would like to drive around the whole island and also do some hiking. Stunning landscape. Next time we will also spend more time in Reykjavik. Exploring more restaurants and shops.

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