Jokkmokk Sweden

wagtailgirlsannakernI06A0637wagtailgirlsannakerni06a0312A couple of days in the northern Sweden. Cold days. Crossing the Arctic Circle. The girls had never been in the north of Sweden before. Never experienced that much snow or that low temperature.wagtailgirlsannakernI06A9270b.jpgA three hour dog sled trip with Jokkmokks guiderna. A fantastic trip! Magical.  -16 C. The dogs were so excited. Barking and howling. Running so fast. After an hour we had lunch in a traditional teepee. Local sausage and hot chocolate. Nice and warm by the fire. Then full speed home in the cold. wagtailgirlsannakernI06A9421wagtailgirlsannakerndogs2wagtailgirlsannakernI06A9475bwagtailgirlsannakerndogs3wagtailgirlsannakernI06A9630wagtailgirlsannakernI06A9781wagtailgirlsannakernI06A9493wagtailgirlsannakerni06a9556wagtailgirlsannakernI06A9553wagtailgirlsannakerndogs1wagtailgirlsannakernI06A9555wagtailgirlsannakernI06A9918The annual Jokkmokk fair. It has been a meeting place and goods exchange for 400 years. A mixture of Sami Jewelry, knitted goods, food, entertainment, exhibitions, concerts and lectures. wagtailgirlsannakernfair1wagtailgirlsannakernI06A0050wagtailgirlsannakernfair2wagtailgirlsannakernI06A9943wagtailgirlsannakernI06A9988wagtailgirlsannakernI06A0008wagtailgirlsannakernI06A0075wagtailgirlsannakernrace2The Sami reindeer race. wagtailgirlsannakernI06A0145wagtailgirlsannakernrace1wagtailgirlsannakernI06A0155wagtailgirlsannakernI06A0123wagtailgirlsannakernI06A0539bA visit to Silba Siiba. We got to feed some beautiful reindeer and learn about the Sami culture. We had delicious homemade reindeer soup by the fire inside the lavvo. Listened to beautiful Yoik and discussing difficulties facing the reindeer hurding and the Sami culture. We were warmly welcomed by he Kuhmunen family.wagtailgirlsannakernI06A0610wagtailgirlsannakernI06A0582wagtailgirlsannakernreindeer1wagtailgirlsannakernI06A0297wagtailgirlsannakernI06A0666Such beautiful days we had. Cold days. -21 C on our last day.

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