Cebu the Philippines

After a couple of days in Manila we travelled to Cebu island in the Central Visayas. We stayed at Les Maisons Dítac in Ronda, a short drive from Moalboal on the west coast of Cebu island. It took us 5-6 hours by car to get there from Cebu airport. We rented this amazing beach cabin, Maison Ulysse, right on the beach. The food, that you preordered in the morning was fantastic! Ronda is a marin protected area.

Next to the cabin is the restaurant, a couple apartments for rent and a pool.

Moalboal has great places for snorkeling and diving. We snorkeled with millions of sardines, sea turtles and other colorful fish.

Lambug Beach. A beautiful quiet beach close to Moalboal.

Kawasan water falls in Badian. After a hike through the jungle we reached this colorful place.

Osmeña Peak is Cebu’s highest peak at 1,013 meters above sea level. It’s an amazing view after almost a two hour beautiful and adventures drive up the mountains from Moalboal and then a 20 min steep hike.

After a couple of days on the Cebu west coast of snorkeling, hiking and relaxing we headed to Bantayan Island. A 5 hour drive to Hagnaya Port on the north side, then a 1,5-2 hour boat ride to the paradise island, Bantayan.

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