Isla de Holbox Mexico

We left a cold and dark Sweden. Lacy days on the beautiful and rustic Mexican island, Isla de Holbox. The island is located within the Nature Reserve of Yum Balam and no cars are allowed! Only golf cars. Spent the weeks playing on the beach and looking for seashells. My sister, the girls aunt Lovisa joined us.

wagtailgirlsannakern_06A9952wagtailgirlsannakern_06A2035wagtailgirlsannakern_06A1951wagtailgirlsannakern_06A0291wagtailgirlsannakern_06A1946wagtailgirlsannakern_06A1534wagtailgirlsannakern_06A1489wagtailgirlsannakern_barThe best beach bar ever! Mojitos and Mango Margeritas with Habanero. Yum! Fruit sallads for the girls..!

wagtailgirlsannakern_waterwagtailgirlsannakern_beachwagtailgirlsannakern_06A2316wagtailgirlsannakern_beachrestwagtailgirlsannakern_dogwagtailgirlsannakern_foodGreat food everywhere on the island. Guacamole for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

wagtailgirlsannakern_restwagtailgirlsannakern_shellswagtailgirlsannakern_06A0853wagtailgirlsannakern_06A1278wagtailgirlsannakern_06A0592wagtailgirlsannakern_06A0581Stayed at this lovely hotel, Holbox Dreams, right on the beach. Small and charming.


One of our favorite restaurants, Colibri. Love the interior and atmosphere. wagtailgirlsannakern_colibriwagtailgirlsannakern_06A0169 1wagtailgirlsannakern_06A0172 1wagtailgirlsannakern_windwagtailgirlsannakern_resqueThey have an animal rescue on the island. Spent a lot of time there! Dogs, cats, a pelican and a raccoon! The girls loved it!


We had a great stay at Isla de Holbox. Fabulous beaches with beautiful sea shells, great food and so much charm!


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